Posted by: Lush | October 20, 2008

Foodshots Collage 2008

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Some of my recent portfolio of food photography
All shots are taken in 2008
Cooking Etcetera is a secondary blog mainly for food shots
and home-cooked recipes


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Posted by: Lush | October 20, 2008

Food shot – prawn sukiyaki

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Prawn Sukiyaki with vegetables served in a mini cooking pan
This photo shot is featured for purchase in

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Posted by: Lush | August 10, 2008

China Au Naturel: Chinese Yumberries

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In the beginning of autumn, Chinese Yumberries are abundant everywhere, filling every corner of street markets and supermarket fruit sections. Chinese native that has been grown for over 2000 years according to Wikipedia, this dark purple fruit is high in antioxidants, vitamin C, thiamine and carotene. Some know them as yangmei, or waxberry – which is probably a better name as they’re quite… well…waxy!

The fruit texture would reminds you the similarity with rambutan, while the flavour is slightly closer to longans – sweet, tangy, juicy and definitely moreish. I have to admit it is quite an interesting subject for food shots.

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Posted by: Lush | June 15, 2008

Jade Band

One of my final poster project for live band performance at D’Bar Holiday Inn Hotel in China. This came out quite clean and chic – just the way they wanted it.

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